What Are 1300 Number and 1800 Numbers for?

If you ever travelled to Australia or even live in that country, you absolutely know the phone number that begins with four digits such as 1300 number. There are also 1800 numbers. They are called premium ones. Do you understand what exactly the numbers for? They are real numbers for business requirement. As we have known that business offices always do their best to make their client or customer feel satisfied. They also want their customers to come back and use their service again.

Therefore, business offices show their contact that the customer can reach to. By giving the contact, it can improve their business in marketing way. They do not need to look for new customer, just showing their number, the costumer will contact them. That kind of marketing way is called inbound marketing. The business offices usually show special numbers as it has mentioned above.

By showing ten digits number with four number in the beginning, it builds the customer trust that the business is appropriate and professional. It also facilitate customer to contact business office because they don’t need to add region number code such as 02 or 03. The premium numbers are Australia wide national numbers.

However, even though the customer just directly press 1300 numberthere are three different call origin, there are local call, national call and mobile call. The three call region are to determine the call rate. For example, if you call one of business office in Perth by landline and you are currently live in the Perth, you pay the cost a local call and a more expensive charge apply if you call from outside the local area or using your mobile phone. The cost is just applied for 1300 number because customers get free call when they contact business offices that use 1800 numbers.

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